August 4, 2015

General Collective Market - My Favourite Finds

I don't really know where to start with how awesome the General Collective Market was!
First up, I have to say that I LOVE hand made!  I'll support small businesses to the hilt with all the amazing wares they produce.  The time that's been spent on it.  The personal touch that's been added.  The love that's gone in to it.  Everything about hand made truly makes my heart sing!  So I was absolutely delighted to attend the General Collective Market last weekend with my sister.  The venue was fabulous.  The perfect number of vendor stands so everyone had plenty of room, wide aisles for pushchairs, breakout zones for kids colouring in and face painting - let's just say, it was really well thought out.  And no entrance fee either which was a nice surprise.

There were so many amazing vendors - some I've seen before at other lovely craft markets, and a lot of new ones from all over the country.  I bought some beautiful things and left behind so many items I regret not purchasing.  I thought I'd share with you my favourite handmade vendors of the day.  Be warned - there were a lot so this will be a long post.  In no particular order...

Drops of Love

Beautiful wooden drop garlands.  I bought a mint, grey and white one to hang in Maisie's bedroom.  I'm very tempted for a pink and gold one for Maddie's room too.

I have been eyeing up these beautiful ring bowls with 9k gold polka dots and triangles for faaaaaar too long.  This is one of my "I'm gutted I didn't purchase it" items.

The lovely lady who owns this soy candle business actually moonlights as a beautiful fairy/child entertainer by day.  Her candles were absolutely stunning!  I actually couldn't choose between all the amazing fragrances.  The avocado mint (I didn't know avocado had a smell) was absolutely delicious!  There is absolutely nothing manufactured about any of these fragrances!  Sweetpea & vanilla, coconut & lime, ruby guava - they were all simply beautiful.  I ended up walking away with nothing as I simply couldn't decide (another regret I didn't purchase it item!).  Some of the soy candles also have wooden wicks which provide a longer burn time.  Simply beautiful!

I fell in love with these palm tree leggings!  Maisie is a serious cutie patootie in them!  Softest cotton.  Best fit.  I've got another pair on order for Miss 5!

LOVED these Pompom Flowers!  My sister bought 5 of them right at the beginning of the market and spent the whole rest of the fair fielding questions and comments about them.  They were really firm and great quality, like balls of carpet and available in a huge range of colours.  They kind of remind me of the truffla trees from the Lorax.  My sister has them displayed in an old milk bottle that's been painted blue.  They look awesome!

These beautiful wooden height charts have my name written all over them.  We currently have a piece of sanded wood in our kitchen for recording our childrens, and countless friends childrens, heights all over it.  We've often talked about converting it over to a "proper" height chart.  THIS is THE height chart.  That pink and grey one has my name all over it!  We have the perfect stop for it right in our kitchen.  This could possibly fill the quota of our "family Christmas gift" this year!?!

This mother daughter team from Mount Maunganui do amazing things with laser cut wood.  There is some seriously clever things going on with this brand.  The laser cut batman garland they had on display was incredible.  And check out that beautiful bowl!  I bought Maddie a wee pink laser cut wooden fairy bunting flag, similar to the one in the pic above.  I left it by her fairy door when I got home and she thinks the fairies delivered it - love!  They had some gorgeous owls cut out which I loved for Maisie's bedroom.

My 5 year old would just about pass out if I bought one of these home for her.  Handcrafted in New Zealand, these beautiful LED night lights emit a gentle amber glow through the windows, door and chimney and can safely be left on all night.  The LED light lasts up to 450 hours which is ALOT of nights sleeping with the light on.

I love this brand!  And the lady who runs it is just the sweetest ever!  Just about every single person who walked past the Thisby stand picked up and admired this bunny gorgeous sweatshirt.  It is too cute!  I couldn't risk leaving it as it was definitely going to get snaffled up quickly so I bought it for Maisie and a unicorn pillowcase for Madeline.  All hand drawn with love.

Colourful raincoats for enjoying the rain!  I just loved this vintage print one.  It reminded me of a vintage Strawberry Shortcake character!  All fabrics are rescued from local second hand shops, which range from sheets, duvets, curtains and more.  From there the fabrics go through a technical waterproofing process leaving it 100% wind and waterproof.  So very clever!

I particularaly liked these plates.  I don't know what it was about them but they called to me.  I love the "Stay Gold" (top right) and "Home Sweet Home" (bottom right).  Both scream warmth, vintage and home.  Another purchase I regret not making.

This was the first stand that we viewed upon entering the market and it was SO impressive!  Their large bead garlands were so gorgeous and that bunny rabbit pillowcase is SO sweet!  I really do have a thing for rabbits.  I loved everything about this stand.  Just beautiful.

Another wooden laser cutter but with a beautiful difference.  Addi.B, among many other beautiful things, cuts wooden wall tiles, in my opinion, reminiscent of vintage wallpaper designs.  Oh how I kick myself for not purchasing the one in the photo above.  It is SO beautiful!  It would look amazing in the gallery wall I am slowly formulating.  I just love these designs!

And of course Needle & Nail were there with the amazing range of products which proved highly popular as always.  My sister bought my nephew one of their bow and arrow sets to pop away for Christmas.  Very very sweet, old fashioned toys.

I finished my morning with a stop at the Mint Cakery Stand.  Everything looked simply beautiful  I purchased a chocolate lamington and a cookies and cream cake take home to share with Jamie.  They were just lovely.  Thank you Minty Cakery.

By this time I was pretty hungry and I saw the Karken Crumpet stand as we were leaving.  Now I love crumpets but I've never tried hand made ones.  They were absolutely flat out so we decided to forfeit visiting them but rest assured I'm going to seek them out again when I can because they looked amazing.  A hot crumpet with real butter sounds absolutely amazing to me!

So there you have it.  I know I've missed out some other truly amazing vendors and products but these were the new ones which really caught my attention.

If you missed out visiting the General Collective Market this time, they actually have a one off kids market booked in conjunction with the Ellerslie Spring Fairy Festival on Sunday 13 September.  Visit the General Collective Facebook page to kept up to date on event details.

Thank you to the organisers and the talented vendors for a fabulous market day x

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    I hope you enjoyed the Christmas Market just as much, and we have another two more intimate, but of course still as good, markets at Ponsonby Central this weekend Sunday 13 December and next 20 December.

    Rose - General Collective