October 12, 2015

Lolly Log

This "recipe" has been in our family for well over 35 years.  Clearly it's not a "recipe" as such, but rather a delicious combination of store bought ingredients that makes a perfect party food.  I'll say right now that I am an absolute connoisseur of Lolly Log.  I have never seen an even remotely good store bought/bakery version of this treat.  They're always dense, greasy, thick slabs of yuckiness.  While it is a simple treat to make, there is a very right way and a very wrong way to make it.

Recently I was given the opportunity to trial the New World Little Kitchen Marshmallow Balls recipe.  Essentially the recipe was similar to Lolly Log.  I was dubious of the ingredients and measurements prior to starting but I carried on assuming the recipe had been successfully tested.  I made it work but it was far from ideal and would have certainly been hard for kids to make.  I thought I must have done something wrong until I shared a snap of our Marshmallow Balls on Instagram and Facebook and it seemed a whole heap of you had the same issues with the recipe that I had.

Our family Lolly Log recipe has been around longer than I've been alive.  We actually call it Fruit Puff Slice because up until about 10 years ago Pascalls used to make pale pastel fruit puffs which we would use in this recipe.  20 years ago they also made white mint puffs which were another fabulous variation.  Sadly both have been discontinued.  You can still buy a different bulk brand of fruit puffs from Gilmours but they are very bright and taste awful.  I've admitted defeat and started using Pascalls Eskimos which are the best substitute I can find for the original Fruit Puffs.

As I mentioned above, it's a very simple recipe which requires half the ingredients listed in the Little Kitchen Marshmallow Balls recipe.  There are also two simple tasks which will ensure your slice is perfect.  1. Don't use a blender to crush your biscuits.  I recommend a rolling pin and a large clean snap lock bag (or similar). You want some chunks of biscuit left in there to give the slice a bit of texture and crunch.  You don't want it all blitzed to powder.  And 2. Don't put the Eskimo lollies in whole.  Cut them down the middle and then 4 or 5 times width ways.  This will ensure small and evenly distributed colours through out the slice rather than unattractive big chunks.

Other than that, it's all pretty straight forward.  I hope it becomes a favourite party food in your house too.

1 pkt crushed Griffins Malt Biscuits (use vanilla wine if you prefer)
3/4 pkt Pascalls Eskimo Lollies
75gms Butter
3/4 - 1/2 tin Highlander Condensed Milk (it's somewhere in between - sorry I can't be more specific!)
Desiccated Coconut

Crush malt biscuits with a rolling pin in a snap lock bag.
Cut up eskimo lollies.
Melt butter and condensed milk on a low heat then allow to cool slightly.
Add crushed biscuits and Eskimo lollies and combine.
Roll in to two small log shapes and roll in coconut.
Wrap tightly in Gladwrap and refrigerate overnight.
Slice and store in refrigerator.

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