December 1, 2015

Christmas Gift Guide - What's Trending for Girls

Stumped for girls Christmas gift ideas?  We've been given a heads up about what's trending with girls this year and what the retailers are finding popular.  Don't worry - we haven't forgotten the boys!  Head over to The Best Nest where boy mum Melissa has boys Christmas gift ideas covered.

Sew Cool Sewing Machine - RRP$59.99

I love this! This is such a gorgeous gift for kids wanting to learn to sew but are still too small to safely coordinate using a proper sewing machine.  No thread, no foot pedal, no bobbins to wind, no needles to thread.  The Sew Cool Sewing Machine comes with pre-cut projects already to go.  Kids simply need to follow the dotted line to create their own crafty creations which include stuffed characters, a purse, a pencil case and more.  There's a needle guard is in place to protect little fingers.  Ages 6+.

Puppy Surprise RRP$59.99
This one was a blast from the past!  The popular 1990's Puppy Surprise has made a come back!  A Mummy dog with a surprise number of pups inside her tummy - there could be 3, 4 or even 5 wee puppies all waiting to be cared for and loved.  Ages 3+.

The Original Doodle Bear RRP$39.99
Another throw back to the 1990's (I'm loving seeing all of these retro toys reappear!).  I can still remember the ads for these of TV.  A teddy bear that you can literally draw all over with special markers and stamps and then simply pop it in the washing machine when you'd like to start again.  Genius!  I wanted one of these so bad but alas never got one!

Flutterbye Fairy $69.99
The Flutterbye Fairies were available last year but they were so popular that they are topping the "most wanted" gift lists again this year.  Simply place the Flutterbye Fairy on a special base to charge, press a button and watch as she flies, spins and twirls around the room.  By placing your hand underneath her as she flies you can guide her around, up and down.  So magical.  If you know a wee girl who loves fairies then this will be a sure fire hit!

Doc McStuffins
I'm a big fan of Doc McStuffins (or Doc Doc as my 2 year old used to call her).  She is such a nice character.  I just love the imagination, kindness and gentle messages in the show.  There is a great range of merchandise to compliment the Disney cartoon including the Doc McStuffins Dress Up set which includes her signature stethoscope or The Big Book of Boo Boos to write down and draw the toys diagnosis.

Little Live Pets Starting from RRP$24.99 
My girls always make a bee line for these when ever we go to the toy store.  Little Live Pets offer all the fun and excitement of owning a pet bird but without the mess or responsibility.  Little Live Pets move, act and sound just like a real bird.  They make over 30 sounds and will even talk back to you.  You can buy the Tweeting Talking Birds by themselves or inside a bird cage.

Kinetic Sand RRP$39.99
This stuff is almost hypnotic!  You'll enjoy playing with this as much as your kids do.  Kinetic Sand is actual free flowing sand which can magically and easily be moulded and pressed in to shapes.  Use it over and over again - it never dries out.  It's 100% non-toxic and leaves no residue behind on playing surfaces which is always a plus in my book.

Barbie has been on the top of Christmas wish lists since 1959.  The newest releases are the Fashionista range (from RRP$22.99) which include my girls favourite pick - Barbie Glitter Hair doll (RRP$49.99) is one of the latest releases.  She comes with a range of glitter and sparkles to create unique hairstyles.  When you want to change her hairstyle simply wash her hair and start again.  Available from Farmers and The Warehouse.

Also re-released for Christmas 2015 are the iconic but updated Barbie Dreamhouse (RRP$399.99) and Barbie Glam Campervan (RRP$199.99).  I had a friend with an older sister who had both of these when I was little and I coveted them so bad!  (Again, my parents never bought them for them - I see a theme here!!!).  But they were the most serious of awesome toys!  They are pretty pricey so they might be a good gift for siblings to share.  Both are available from Farmers and The Warehouse.

While I may not be a "mum of boys", my five and eight year old nephews tell me that these are just about the coolest thing around for boys at the moment!

Hot Wheels Monster Jam Dragon Blast RRP$59.99 available exclusively at Farmers 
Monsterous dragons, crunch you to pieces, knock him out, reclaim the chomp-ionship trophy.  All completely foreign lingo to me but it makes my five year old nephew excitement levels go through the roof!

Hot Wheels Stack A Track RRP$59.99 available from Farmers and The Warehouse
My eight year old nephew is gagging for this one.  The Hot Wheels Stack A Track offers the freedom to build the tracks any which way they want - horizontal, vertical or even in a spiral so kids can reconfigure and customize their tracks in limitless ways.

Thomas & Friends Track Master Shipwreck Rails Set RRP$149.99 from Farmers and The Warehouse
Even I know that you can't go wrong with Thomas the Tank Engine.  The amazing new Shipwreck Rails Set is based on the Thomas & Friends DVD Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.  This HUGE motorised Thomas train and Cargo car set climb a steep incline on a suspended track then plummets, twists, twirls and spirals upside down in search of the lost treasure.  I think the "bigger boys" will enjoy playing with this one on Christmas day too.

Mega Bloks First Builders 123 Learning Train RRP$40 from Farmers and The Warehouse
For the littlest builders in your family, regardless of gender, this Mega Blok 123 Learning Train is perfect.  I just love open ended toys and my girls loved these First Builders.  Sturdy, educational and bold colours.  Perfect for free play building, learning numbers, copying patterns and first building projects.  Mega Bloks get a big thumbs up from all the kids in my family.

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