November 22, 2015

Skechers Womens 6km Round Up

Aaaaaand... we're done!  The Skechers Womens 6km was a little over a week ago and I'm still buzzing from what a great event it was.  The turn out was brilliant!  So many lovely ladies of all ages and fitness abilities out to enjoy this excellent event along Auckland's scenic waterfront.  The weather was pretty ideal - not too sunny or hot, and the rain held off until after the event was finished.  And the general atmosphere was upbeat, enthusiastic and encouraging.

The Skechers Womens 6km is a well organized event and there wasn't much waiting round before it was time to warm up and then head to the start line.

Melissa from The Best Nest was so keen to get going that she couldn't stand still for our pre-race selfie!

And then suddenly we were off.  I had a loose goal of running the 6kms in under 35 minutes and I scrapped in there at 34 minutes!  Phew!  Melissa got in a few minutes before me and nailed her ideal time too!

Here's the after shot of us crossing the finish line.  We had literally just grabbed our water and I'm red faced and still gasping for breath!

I then proceeded to chow down on all of the post race food I could get my hands on!  I'd only had a banana before leaving the house and I was hungry!  The Muesli Hub blueberry muesli topped with yoghurt was absolutely sensational!

At this point I would love to thank my amazing and generous sponsors who encouraged and supported both Melissa and I through out our training in the lead up to the event and on race day itself.  I firmly believe that you don't need any special equipment to run but a few key pieces of quality active wear can make a big difference.  Comfort is absolute key.  I wore another Lululemon Swiftly Raceback in colour heathered flash light which are the comfiest tanks around!  If you don't like being restricted or suffocated with heavy, unbreathable fabrics, then the Swiftly tank is for you!

Plus I wore the Lululemon Run Times Shorts in flashback static powder pink kayak blue which I think just might have taken over from the Lululemon Speed 4Way Stretch as my favourite shorts.  They were a teeny bit longer and oh so comfortable!  I've said it before and I'll say it again comfort is key!

Triumph were also incredibly supportive in more ways than one with their triaction® by Triumph sports bras.  Sports bras have come such a long way since I last looked at them and Triumph is leading the way in technology, style, comfort and fit.  With so many styles to choose from, I took the opportunity for a professional fitting to determine which style best suited my needs.  My favourite styles end up being "Performance" for extreme intensity sports which is a very structured bra and the "Seamfree Top" for high intensity sports which is so comfortable yet very firm.  I wore the Seamfree Top on race day and absolutely loved it!  Hands down my favourite style.  Sorry about the boob shot people!

I learnt from the bra fitting that if your bra has straps that unhook at the base, unhook the straps and cross them over for extra support.  The difference is incredible!  My bust wasn't moving anywhere!

And of course I wore my amazing Skechers Go Run 4 running shoes.  I still LOVE them!  I can't stress how lightweight they are.  These shoes will definitely not hold you back or slow you down.  And they are so comfortable and beautifully cushioned to absorb the impact of running.  I have been so impressed by them and can very happily recommend them as a comfortable running shoe at a great price.

Finally, I also wore a Fitbit Charge HR in the lead up to the Skechers event.  Whilst I really enjoy using MapMyRun when I actually go running, the Fitbit Charge HR has been fabulous at monitoring my daily movements.  It turns out that I do a considerable amount of walking during the day which all adds up *and contributes to a healthy lifestyle!)  Not only does the Fitbit monitor the number of steps you take but also your heart rate, flight of stairs climbed, distance walked and calories burnt.  You can compete with friends or join challenges to see who can take the most steps.  I've found it definitely makes me take the longer way when walking places and it's really interesting to monitor my heart rate and see when I reach the cardio or peak areas.  It makes me realise that I could be doing a bit more some days.

So there you have it - what I thought of and what I wore to the Skechers Womens 6km.  I loved every bit of it!  Can't wait for next year - let alone all of the running events that are coming up over the summer months!

Thank you so much to Skechers, Lululemon, Triumph and Fitbit for sponsoring me in the lead up to the Skechers Womens 6km.  You were amazing and made the task of running as easy and comfortable as possible!  And to Melissa from The Best Nest who was so awesome at keeping me inspired to push a little harder in my training.  Plus Vanessa from The Bubbalino Kitchen, Aimee from My Beloved Style, Megan from Thread and Beth from The Morris Mob - the best bunch of ladies to gas bag with pre and post race!

There's only one thing left to do until next years event and that is giveaway a Fitbit Charge HR in colour plum and size large, valued at $199.95, to one lucky reader.
All you need to do is head over to our Facebook page, find the original Skechers/Fitbit post and do BOTH of the following:

1. COMMENT about the feature you'd most like to monitor using the Fitbit Charge HR
2. TAG a friend who you think would also like to enter

You can gain an extra entry by commenting on this blog post with why you'd like to wear a Fitbit.

Giveaway closes on Thursday 26 November at 8.00pm.  Giveaway open to New Zealand addresses only.  Winners notified via Facebook so make sure you "like" our page to see if you are the lucky winner.  Good luck lovelies x


  1. I would love a fitbit to encourage me to excersize more

  2. Wow, you must be stoked with that race time. I am not entering this giveaway for myself - I presume the fitbit is unisex?! My husband is training for his first half-marathon and I've noticed him looking at these online but being conscious of indulging in luxury items, he would never buy himself one so if I won this, he would find this gift waiting for him under the Christmas tree.

  3. I think buying my Fitbit was the best exercise tool I have ever brought, I feel on top of the world since buying it back in August 2015. It's like I have to increase my steps everyday. I would love to win for my husband so he can agree buying mine wasn't just a faze Hahahaha

  4. I'd love a fitbit to be able to track my daily movements, not just while I'm training

  5. Buying my fitbit one a year ago was the healthiest decision I ever made. It challengese me daily to beat my previous days step count and to keep active. I also love how on the days that I don't manage to exercise, I can feel better knowing that I've done 15K steps just running round after my preschoolers!
    Alas I lost my fitbit yesterday and I miss it soooo much :'(

  6. I'd certainly love to monitor my heart rate to see if it reaches the peak while wearing the Fitbit Charge HR

  7. I think it would hold me more accountable for exercising. My competitive streak would come out trying to beat my steps each day

  8. I love to get out and about with friends twice a week and we walk and talk so the Fitbit could be quite surprising actually showing us how far we do walk and challenge us to keep on going further.

  9. I would love to wear a fitbit to give me some motivation! I find myself sitting in the gouse when I could be out getting some exercise.

  10. My wife would love one for counting her daily steps.

  11. Would love to monitor my hear rate while getting my running back on track. Would also be great to track steps and activity while chasing around after 3 kids and running around the wards at work! The challenges sound great too... Motivation!!!