January 31, 2016

BYOD for Back to School with Warehouse Stationery

My eldest daughter is starting year 2 at the beginning of next week and thankfully we are still a couple of years away from having to compulsorily supply her with a device for her education.  However our school has app based homework programmes which need to be completed each week so a family friendly device is still a beneficial investment.  We've looked around at a few different options and as a family investment we found the Windows 10 Intel Tablet to be our best option.

There were two things that caught my attention about this tablet:

Firstly is that it is Windows 10 based.  Most tablets are only internet and app based where as this tablet has the functionality of a mini laptop including the ability to download Microsoft Office (download costs additional for fully functioning versions) which is ideal not only for school but also for work purposes.

Second is that it comes included with a detachable keyboard meaning it easily switches between tablet and laptop functionality.  Not only does the included detachable keyboard help our girls become familiar with a proper computer/keyboard set up but if my husband and I need to use it then it has the full functionality that we are used to.  And if we don't need the keyboard then it easily slides out and away for storage.


Tablet Screen attached to Keyboard


Another great feature is the 10" screen size.  A lot of similar priced tablets often only have a screen size of 7" or 8".  But the generous screen size makes for easier functionality across all levels.  Not too big that is looses it's compactness, nor too big that is looses it's convenience.  It's just right to cover all bases.

For all the techies out there, here are the specs:

Screen: 10.1 inch display (1280x800)
Processor: Intel Atom Processor Z3735F quad core 1.33GHZ
Hard Drive: 32GB
Connectivity: Wifi and Bluetooth                                                                                                                         
Connection Ports: 1 x HDMI mini, 1 x Micro USB, 1x 3.5mm headphone socket, 2 x USB (one on the tablet and one on the keyboard)
Cameras: 2MP front and 2MP rear cameras
Battery: 6000mAh battery
Software: Microsoft Windows 10

I've found this to be a great all round 2-in-1 tablet with windows functionality which will suit not only school purposes but the whole family.  And the excellent price of $299 (currently with $100 off) the value for money is exceptional!  Available at The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery and Noel Leeming.

Disclaimer - We were provided with a Windows 10 Intel Tablet for the purposes of this review but all research and opinions are my own.

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