April 11, 2016

Shopkins Shoppies

If you've got a primary school aged children then chances are you've heard of Shopkins - pint sized, cartoon style, grocery store collectible figurines.  The range was first released in 2014 and now with well over 640 Shopkins in the range (and growing!) Shopkins have gained a massive following worldwide of young fans and serious collectors alike.  The latest addition to this popular range are the Shopkins Shoppies!  This weekend my girls donned their toy tester hats to see what they were all about.

I'd had these dolls sitting on the bay window in our kitchen all week and our girls were gggggggagging to get their hands on them!  They'd discussed and negotiated their choice of doll between themselves long before I finally said they were actually allowed them.

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

My girls are rather new to Shopkins, which were created by the same company who makes Trashies.  Shopkins were meant to be the more feminine counterpart but they are loved by boys and girls alike!

There are four new Shoppies dolls in the Shopkins range.  Maddie chose Jessicake and Maisie chose Popette.

FYI Parents - The packaging is sealed tight so you'll need a pair of scissors handy to get them open.  Once you're in there is quite a lot inside to keep the kids entertained.

First up are the dolls which the girls thought were the cutest thing since Lalaloopsy!  They are just the right size for little hands, and Jessicake and Popette came with us EVERYWHERE with us over the weekend.  The girls took them to bed with them too.

As well as a themed and removable headband, skirt and shoes, each doll also comes with it's own hairbrush and handbag.  Maisie loved fluffing up (tangling) Popettes hair to make it even more curly while Maddie loved to comb the long curls of Jessicake.

Each Shoppies doll also comes with two exclusive Shopkins so serious collectors will need to buy the Shoppies dolls to get their hands on them!  Each of the Shopkins also have a pencil sized hole in their base making them perfect pencil toppers!

Each doll also comes with a clear base to stand the dolls up.  Check carefully for this in the box because as they are clear and I over looked seeing it until I read the contents of the box.  Putting the doll on the stand was a great exercise for little Maisie who concentrated so hard to put the two together.

Finally, each doll also comes with its very own, special VIP card which comes with a special code to use on the free Shopkins App to get VIP access and earn extra rewards.

The final verdict?  Both of my girls absolutely adore Shopkins Shoppies!

They thought the dolls were adorable and loved all the little accessories that came with them.  The VIP card was deemed a very special and grown up extra that they have carried around in the purses all weekend.  Little three year old Maisie hands her card to me every time she wants to play the Shopkins App as if it is some kind of special key to get the app going.  Love!  And five year old Madeline has asked for another one of these dolls for her sixth birthday in May.  So I would call these a complete hit!

<<< G I V E A W A Y >>>
I have four Shopkins Shoppies dolls to giveaway - two on Facebook and two on Instagram.  Just head to either or both of my pages, find the original Shopkins Shoppies giveaway post and comment with the name of which Shopkins Shoppies Doll your little one would like best.  And here they are:

Bubbleisha (pink), Popette (yellow), Peppa Mint (mint) and Jessicake (blue)

The four lucky winners will be announced on Friday 15 April at 8.00pm.  We will endeavour to send you the doll you chose but please be aware that your first choice may not be available and a randomly selected Shopkins Shoppies doll may be sent in it's place.

Good Luck x

This is a sponsored post but all content, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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