May 21, 2016

Mermaid Party

In early May we celebrated Madeline turning 6 years old.  We still can't quite believe we have a 6 year old!  6 is still very little in my eyes but she is a long way from a baby now too.  Her two bottom teeth have just started wiggling.  She has such beautiful baby teeth and I don't want them to fall out.  It's just another step towards growing up.  But time marches on and I found myself scrambling to pull together this years requested mermaid party.

Maddie had commited to the mermaid theme several weeks prior so I had time to preorder some customised invitations from Oh Be Joyful on Etsy and have them printed locally at  I took the invitation along with me the weekend before the party to gather some supplies.

The table background was made from some sheer curtain netting with hologram circles all over it from Look Sharp Store.  It reminded me of bubbles.  Over the top I laid streamers in various shades of blue, aqua and light green to give an under water feel.  And I cut out starfish, sand dollars and clam shells to attach over the top.  On the table I used blue and green chevron fabric from the sale section at Spotlight which reminded me of wavy water.

Each of the kids had a personalised water bottle.  In the past I have found that kids put their drink bottles down and can't remember whos is whos.  So I named them this year to great success.

The afternoon tea party food was kept very simple.  If there is one thing I have learnt over the years of party planning is that kids don't actually eat very much at parties.  I made...

Clam Shell Cookies with a wee pearl in each one.  I used my favourite Sugar Cookie recipe to make these.

Mermaid Mix which included Goldfish Crackers from Martha's Backyard, popcorn, mini marshmallows and a chocolate fish.  The cones and cone holders are from Pop Roc Parties.

Cupcakes with Mermaid Bark.  The Mermaid Bark is with candy melts and lots and lots of sprinkles!

There was also striped jelly in shades of blue, green and purple to resemble the ocean which the kids thought was pretty magical!  Chevron wooden spoons and sparkly washi tape from Pop Roc Parties.

Also served but not shown were I Love Pies Sausage Rolls and skewered grapes which were supposed to look like neptunes necklace - but I could only get red grapes, not the green ones I wanted - argh!

The cake was a bit of a non-event.  I was rushing for time and hadn't planned it out very well so I winged it and totally botched it up.  But it was "fine".  Inside was a vanilla and chocolate layer cake.

 I love these white wooden crates!  I have quite a few of them now.  They are perfect for adding height to the table.  Available from Pop Roc Parties.

The only other decoration on the table were some beaten up old photo frames with a mermaid in them which I enlarged from the party invitation.

As is with party food, I don't think you need a whole heap of games either.  For the most part, the kids entertain themselves really well.  I organised two games.  Pass the parcel (a must!) and mermaid treasure fishing.  This is a variation on a game that I can remember playing at my best friends birthday parties when I was little.  I cut out a whole heap of glittery starfish, clamshells, sand dollars and heart which were supposed to be mermaid treasure.  I sellotaped a paper clip to the back of each shape.  Each shape also had a number 1 or 2 written on the back.  I laid down a blue rug (for the ocean) and scattered the shapes about.  Each of the kids had to stand on a stool and fish for three treasures with a fishing pole with a magnet on the end.  It's harder than it sounds!  When they had caught all three of their treasures they had to add up the numbers of the reverse and that is how many marshmallows they got.  Plus one mermaid treasure had a special sticker on the back and that person won a special prize!  I didn't get any photos of them playing the game but you've never seen so many kids sit so still and mesmerised.  It was fantastic!

For party favours, each of the girls got a hand made mermaid necklace.  Each one was unique, made from seashells we had collected on our beach walks plus seahorse pendants from Ikes Emporium and beads left over from last years Lalaloopsy party.  The aqua ribbon was left over from our wedding.  Love!  This would have been a great activity for the girls to make themselves too.  Craft tables are always popular at parties.  Each of the girls also got a bubble wand and some chocolate coins.  The boys got a pirate travel sized colouring kit.

Maddie wore a custom made mermaid print dress from MyHeart2 on Etsy.  It looked adorable!

If you need some gift inspiration for 6 year olds, here are some of the "must haves" for a 6 year old girl.  Beanie Boos!  Don't worry - I'd never heard of them either until now!  But the kids are obsessed over these little, glassy eyed soft toys!

And Little Live Pets Turtles.  These are really cute!  We put them in our swimming pool and all sat mesmerised as they swam about - totally life like!  Beanie Boos and Little Live Pets Turtles are available from Planet Fun.
Thank you to Golly Go who pulled out all the stops to get this amazing princess dress to us on time.  Maddie still loves dress ups!  Golly Go do an incredible range of kids costumes which are great quality at a very reasonable price.  I'll definitely be going back to them for subsequent birthdays and Christmas gifts.  Excellent product and service!
Phew!  I think that just about covers all of the details of this years mermaid party but if anyone has any questions then feel free to contact me at

I hope you've enjoyed seeing all the details as much as I enjoyed putting it all together x

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  1. Wow! What a Fantastic party! I love how simple but beautiful you made it xx