June 30, 2016

Arrived On My Doorstep - June 2016

This is the June installment of Arrived On My Doorstep.  I had a whole heap of packages arrive "on my doorstep" while we were away in Hawaii.  Hopefully you see something new that looks and sounds interesting xxx

Burt's Bees Lipsticks
100% natural from product to packaging!  Burt's Bees is the lipstick that loves you back.  Intense colour meets 8-hour conditioning and moisturising with Burt's Bees new 100% natural lipstick.  Available in 14 vibrant, full coverage colours and made from naturally moisturising ingredients including beeswax, moringa oil, raspberry seed oil and vitamin E to help hydrate and nourish your lips leaving them soft and smooth.  Available from Farmers, pharmacies and department stores.  RRP$22.00.

Palmolive Oil Infusions
Palmolive debuts their new Oil Infusions range inspired by the trend of using essential oils in both beauty and health.  The range include includes three unique essential oil and botanical extract blends each creating a nourishing formula to moisturise and rejuvenate - Jasmine with Avocado Oil, Citrus with Jojoba Oil and Rose with Macadamia Oil.  And, there are four products to the range - Body Moisturiser, Body Wash, Liquid Hand Wash and Body Bar.  Available from supermarkets nationwide.  RRP$1.99 - $9.99.

A public service announcement - It's time to go and check your fire alarms are working.  Many homes have smoke alarms but often people don't maintain or check them regularly.  There are 3200 house fires every year and at 80% of them there are no working smoke alarms.  Regularly check your smoke alarms (twice a year when you change the clocks for daylight savings is a good reminder), have a smoke alarm in every bedroom and living area on every level of your home and have an escape plan.  And in the event of a fire, get out and stay out!  We recently replaced all the smoke alarms in our house with these Cavius Smoke Alarms.  They are modern yet discreet looking.  They are the smallest thermal heat alarms in the world (the size of a golf ball) with a 10 year long life battery and man are they LOUD!

A pioneering oil-infused treatment for all hair types.  Conditions and instantly reduces frizz.  Enriched with antioxidant argan oil and shine boosting vitamins leaving hair smooth, manageable and healthy looking.  RRP$79.00 for 100ml bottle.

Both Earths Botanics Gardeners and Great Barrier Island Bee Co are made in New Zealand by Matakana Botanicals using premium quality, locally sourced ingredients.  The Gardeners range is made by Gardeners, for Gardeners to nourish and repair hard working hands using a unique formulation of New Zealand manuka oil and honey.  The range starts from RRP$12.00.

The Great Barrier Island Bee Co range is named after the source location of it's key ingredient - smoothing and nourishing manuka honey.  The range starts from RRP$9.90 and is extensive including sunscreen, after sun lotion and lip balm for extreme exposure as well as the usual hand & body washes and creams.

Both ranges are over 24 years old and are trusted, iconic kiwi brands.  Available from Matakana Botanicals.

Here are two books which arrived too late for us to take overseas with us...
Rainbow Magic fans will be ecstatic with this new addition to the extensive Rainbow Magic range.  Over 100 full colour pages of activities and 700 stickers will keep your little fairy happy for hours.  What I love most is that the sticker fun book is the same size as the chapter books so it will slot right in to the collection on your bookshelf and is an ideal size for travelling.  Available at booksellers nationwide from 12 July 2016.  RRP$19.99.

Oxfordshire, 1947.  Exhausted by the war and nursing a tragic secret, Kit Smallwood flees to Wickam Farm to recuperate.  There she throws herself into helping Daisy set up a charity sending midwives to India.  Daisy's plan in fraught with danger.  With newly-acquired Independence, many of India's people furiously resent the English for withdrawing so quickly, blaming them for the riots that left millions dead.  When Kit meets Anto, a handsome, complicated but charming trainee doctor nearing the end of his English education, she falls utterly in love.  Anto makes her laugh and marriage should be the easiest thing in the world.  But when he informs his family that he is shortly to return home with an English bride, his parents are appalled.  Despite being Anglo-Indian herself, Kit's own mother is equally horrified.  She has spent most of her life trying to erase the painful past and losing her daughter to an Indian man is her worst fear realized.  As the journey to a new life in India, Kit begins to realize the seriousness of what she has undertaken.  Available at booksellers nationwide from 28 June 2016.  RRP$34.99.

Two kiwi favourites are back together!  Iconic New Zealand Jaffas and Cadbury Dairy Milk are re-coupling to create this special edition shareable family chocolate block of choc-orange goodness!  The re-release of the Cadbury Jaffa collaboration comes just in time to celebrate the 15th annual Jaffa race down New Zealands steepest street in Dunedin!  Cadbury will shortly also be kicking off the "What's Your Flavour NZ" campaign by visiting towns across New Zealand and interviewing locals to find out what flavours best represent your town to inspire some delicious new combinations to be mixed in with Cadbury Dairy Milk.  Tour itinerary to be announced in early July.  Keep an eye on the Cadbury Facebook page for more info.  RRP$4.69.

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