August 1, 2016

Hawaii - What We Wore

My girls were amazingly lucky to have some incredible brands send them out some beautiful clothes for our tropical getaway so they could travel in comfort and style.  Here is a round up of "What We Wore"...

Cotton On Kids
Comfort is definitely key when your going to be sitting and sleeping on an airplane for eight hours.  Cotton On Kids ensured the girls had the comfiest kit for their inflight adventures!  Soft and stretchy cottons and fleecy sweats ensured maximum comfort while still looking stylish in bright colours and fun prints.

The Sophia Hoodie, Penelope Long Sleeve Tee and Huggie Tights were perfect!  They covered all the bases of being either too hot or to cold on the plane (you never know what you're going to get!) and were so comfy they did away with any need to change the girls into their pj's while travelling on the night flight.

This was the first photo we took once we had arrived after clearing customs and Maddie is looking fresh as a daisy in her Cotton On Kids threads.  She is also looking slightly crazy from lack of sleep and is about to completely lose the plot!

The amazing people at Skechers kitted out not only the girls but the whole family in funky footwear for our travels.

The girls thought this was extra cool because they got to head in store to pick out their very own shoes before we left!  The kids range is extensive so the girls had a hard time choosing among all the designs.  But we had an awesome (and very patient!) sales assistant (also called Maddie but was a man so the girls thought that was a scream!) helping them choose their styles.

Both girls were as pleased as punch with their new Twinkle Toe Light Ups which fyi work really well by kicking the back of the seat in front of you on the airplane!

Jamie and I were much more decisive customers going with the first pair we picked up.  Jamie chose the Mark Nason Crocker which are a dressier style skate shoe and I chose some Skechers Flex Appeal which are sssooo comfortable!  No need to wear socks with them - they are silky smooth inside plus they have a memory foam inner sole so they have all corners of comfort covered.

Hawaii is hot hot hot!  And less is more when it comes to clothes so I packed away the girls hoodies, leggings and shoes in favour of summer fashion - pretty yet ultra cool dresses and whimsy sun suits.

One of my favourite girls brands is Coco & Ginger.  There range is designed and made in Bali and oozes eternal summer.  It's the perfect mix of everything I love - gentle floral, whimsical, colour and boho.  I was so excited to receive these beautiful pieces from Saffron.

Maddie asked to wear this outfit every single day.  She loved it and so did I! 

The stunning embroidered leotard and Kahlo skirt really leant themselves to the beautiful tropical surroundings.

Little Miss Maisie loved her Tulip Sunsuit and got so much wear out of it.  It's retro tropical vibe fitted right in to retro tropical Hawaii.  So so gorgeous!  I wish Coco & Ginger made their designs in adult sizes.  I love everything about the whole range.

Less boho but certainly whimsy and full of colour, Oobi is another absolute favourite of mine for the girls.  Oobi were incredibly generous with the huge swag of goodies they sent the girls.  First up, their sun hats are the best.  Huge wide brims for keeping the sun off faces.

I'm guessing it's due to the bright, warm sunshine, but everything in Hawaii seems bright and vibrant so Oobi fit right in!  The bold prints and bright colours shone bolder than ever!  The girls wore their Oobi dresses on a very important visit to the Disney Store in Ala Moana.  It was a landmark moment when they came face to face with a real talking princess mirror!

Just pop a frangipani in your hair and Oobi was made for visits to Hawaii!

Emma Laue is another tropical favourite with a retro vibe.  Bold colours, comfortable yet stylish designs and tropical prints that ooooooze my style.  Another brand that I wish they made their range in adult sizes!  The girls wore their Emma Laue designs the night we visited the very grand Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  Maddie's Addi Dress fitted in perfectly with the vintage yet grandly tropical architecture.

Poor Miss Maisie slept through the whole evening.  It was just so hot!  But she woke up for one quick snap against a gold wall in her Lily Dress while I was shopping at Kate Spade.

A local Hawaiian brand which I have loved forever is Palm Tree Princess.  They are one of my favourite sellers on Etsy.  Designed and made on the Big Island of Hawaii, their bold patterns and bright colours embody everything Hawaii.. The dresses were sent to the owner of our condo and we didn't receive them until the day before we left.  The girls chose to wear them on a trip to a shop called Claires which is a huge accessories shop just for girls.  Maddie and Maisie were in girly girl heaven!

It was gorgeous watching them agonize over their choices.  The pain was real!

Followed by a trip to Bubba Gump for dinner where they made friends with the locals and shared their purchases ;-)  This wee guy was SO cute!

One of my favourite New Zealand kids websites, Kids Caravan, also sent our girls some amazing bits and pieces to enjoy on our trip.

The Quut Cuppi is an awesome beach toy to travel with.  It's really lightweight, compact and its uses are endless.  Use it as a shovel to make sand castles or dig out tracks to roll the ball along, play catch or make pictures in the sand by drizzling water through the holes.  It is so multi use and our girls loved it.

The waterproof Engelpunt apple bag was brilliant for loading up with the girls morning tea, drink bottles and beach toys to tote down to the beach each day.  The perfect size, really sturdy and a really sweet print.

We also took some Djeco Mini Games kits on the plane with us to help keep the girls entertained inflight.

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