May 14, 2018

Adopt-A-Kitten Party

Better late than never... Once again little Maisie Boo had to wait well over a month to celebrate her birthday with her friends.  I can sympathize.  I'm a January baby too and it's just one of those things you have to put up with being born in the summer holidays when all your friends are away.  But February finally rocked around and Maisie was able to party with all her little besties.  And the theme she chose?  A Kitten Party!  I tweaked it a little and made it an Adpot-A-Kitten party.

I wanted it to be light and bright (which was just as well since it ended up being a dark and very rainy day outside) so I set about gathering all the party supplies - my favourite part!
When each guest arrived they were given a set of kitten ears and had a kitten nose and whiskers painted on their faces.  I decorated Maisie a special floral kitten headband but who knows where that got to once the party started!
I found this cute mirror at Warehouse Stationery so the kids could check out my face painting handy work.
And this was how the main table came together.
The cake was a bit of a disaster!  The concept was straight forward and easy to make but I iced it the day before the party in 90% humidity.  The poor cats ears didn't stand a chance of staying upright.  I got up at 3.30am to check on the cake to find the black ears melted flat.  There was no hope of saving it so the cake ended up with a flower crown.  Thank goodness for my dahlia garden is all I can say!  Also unhelpful was my husband telling me the cake looked like a dog, not a cat.  Very constructive and helpful!  I look at it now and think it looks like a polar bear.  But Maisie loved it and that's all that matters.  So I'll move on...
The party was at morning tea time so the party food consisted of small serves of a few different items...  Vanilla cupcakes with Donna Hay buttercream icing.  I made the cupcake toppers from small polystyrene balls wound with wool.  I wish I'd had time to make them out of icing.  Maybe another time ;-)
The most adorable kitten cookies were iced by the amazing Rhonda from Walter & Rose.  These were definitely the talking point of the table!  I wish I could say I made them but I get so frustrated with things like this if they don't turn out perfect so it's better I leave them to a professional.  And Rhonda can literally make anything!  We have a pretty unique theme coming up for Maddie's 8th birthday and I can't wait to see what she comes up with for it.
Cups of Fish and Sticks.  The fish crackers are a favourite of my girls.  We always bring back a stash of them from America.  They are called Goldfish Crackers and are also available in New Zealand from Martha's Backyard which is an America supply store in Mt Wellington in Auckland.  The sticks were your standard pretzel sticks from the supermarket.
There were also watermelon pops (that's just slices of watermelon with a popsicle stick poked in to the bottom to use as a handle), and jelly - two of Maisie's favourites.
To drink we had water or kitten milk!  I made the carton wraps half an hour before the party.
I didn't feel like there was too much in the way of kitteny things on the table so bought these retro inspired kitten paper cups, plates and napkins from Sweetpea Parties.  I love them!
The kids played a few traditional party games but the main entertainment was that each guest got to adopt a toy kitten.  We had two baskets brimming with the cutest Beanie Baby Kittens to choose from.  Look at all those little faces pleading to be chosen!
Once everyone had picked out their new kitten, they got to make a collar for them.  Because most of the kids at the party were only 4 or 5 years old I kept this craft quite simple.  I got some thick hair ties and silver bells from Look Sharp Store and attached them together using key ring rings from Mitre 10.  Everyone got to choose a unique charm to attach to the bell to complete their collar.  I found a cheap charm bracelet set at Kmart for just $9 which worked out perfectly for this.
Once everyone's kittens were collared, they got an adoption certificate I made to fill out with their kittens new name and promising to care for their new kitten...
And a kitty carrier to decorate with stickers and coloured pencils to take their kitten home in.
And that was about it.  It was all pretty simple really and our darling Maisie Boo loved every second of her special day.  A massive shout out to our special friends at Planet Fun who provided all the Beanie Baby Kittens for adoption.  The kids all loved them and I've seen so many of the kids carrying them everywhere since the party.  Maisie and all her little school friends pack them in their backpacks to take to school.  So sweet!
Now it's time for a little giveaway.  I kept some kitten party supplies aside so one lucky reader can create their own mini Adopt-A-Kitten Party.  It would make a fun surprise afternoon tea.  The prize includes everything shown in the photo below - two Beanie Baby Kittens and two adoption certificates, two bronze glitter kitten ear headbands, four kitten paper cups, plates and napkins, four paper straws and mini MEOW silver balloons.

All you have to do is tell us "Who's your favourite kitten or cat?"  Enter two ways - by commenting below on this blog post or heading to my Facebook page and commenting on the giveaway blog post.  Feel free to enter on both.  Giveaway drawn on Friday 18 May.  Good luck xxx
Supplier List
Iced Cookies - Walter & Rose
Beanie Baby Kittens - Planet Fun
MEOW and Number 5 Balloons - Look Sharp Store
Cat Cups, Plates and Napkins - Sweetpea Parties
Kitten Headbands - The Warehouse
Kitten Collars - Look Sharp Store, Mitre 10 and Kmart
Kitty Carrier Boxes - Look Sharp Store
Kitten Mirror - Warehouse Stationery
Happy Birthday Cake Topper - Indulge Fine Foods
Invitations and Kitten Graphic - Nothing Panda
Maisie's Dress - Country Road


  1. What a sweet idea for a party, my daughter would have loved this, perhaps next year if she hasn’t outgriwn the idea.

  2. Forgot to say who my fav cat is- i would have to say our cat Smooch is. He is such a snuggly cat and lets our daughter dress him up on occasion too.

  3. So cute! My 4 year old son's favourite cat was our neighbour's Bobby but unfortunately they moved away. Any time a neighbourhood cat visits he says "he can be our pet!" and tries to feed them. 😁 I would have loved an adopt-a-kitten party as a kid! The soft toys and collars were such fun ideas.

  4. Miss 4 is having a cat party in two weeks! I LOVE the Meow balloons! we don't have a cat at home, but we go to the SPCA each week to play with the kittens and cats.

  5. What a fabulous idea for a party! So many neat ideas. Our favourite cat would be Pixie our 15 month old cat. Nicky

  6. What a fun party! It all looks beautiful 🙂. I think my kids would make very cute kittens too!