May 16, 2018

Product Review - Lunette Menstrual Cup

Disclaimer - there will be a bit of oversharing with this blog post but there is really no way of giving an honest review without a little personal information thrown in.  Do bear with me as there's a lot of funny valuable advice to follow, most of which is probably not strictly pertinent to the product review but adds a bit of background and colour.  Read on...

I have to admit that I didn't know a whole lot about my body before having kids.  Pre-kids I probably couldn't have told you much about ovulating but now I know exactly when it's happening and which ovary it's coming from.  With pregnancy and childbirth suddenly all these things become fascinating and sometimes even crucial to the end result.  And as they say, with childbirth you leave your dignity at the door.  Never have so many people found looking up my bits so fascinating.  And I willingly let them... for free!  (Well we paid the Obstetrician a small fortune for the pleasure so I suppose technically it wasn't free).  But I digress... two children later, I have an understanding of my body both inside and out that is enlightening which I truly think is important.

Now where was I, oh yes, after child number two, I decided I no longer wanted to be putting foreign bodies in to my system.  I was done taking the pill.  I didn't want chemical hormones in my system.  That was an easy change to make.  I just stopped taking it.  Shortly after that I started to get pretty tired of using tampons too.  Not so easy to stop that one.  But what was the alternative?  I had been using tampons since I was 15.  There was no way I was going back to pads.  Tampons seemed the only option.

I first heard about menstrual cups on social media.  Millie Elder Holmes is a great advocate for them and her enthusiastic recommendation peaked my initial interest in them.  Around the same time I got talking to a good friend of mine about menstrual cups on the afternoon walk to school one day.  Days later we were in fits of giggles because she gone home and ordered one but was too scared to try it out.  So mature aren't we!  As far as I know, it's still in it's box.

Fast forward a few months and I was given the opportunity to actually try a Lunette Menstrual Cup myself.  And while I jumped at the chance I now know why my friends is still in it's packaging.  The general idea of it made me a little nervous.  To look at it seemed much bigger than a tampon.  How was I supposed to maneuver in?  Would it might be uncomfortable?  Or even hurt?  What if I couldn't get it out?  Probably all the same anxieties I felt as a teenager trying tampons for the first time but have long since forgotten.

I shared on my Instagram Stories that I was going to be trying out a menstrual cup and ran a poll to see who had used them before.  It was a 50/50 split between users and non-users which completely floored me.  I thought there would be zero or perhaps one or two users but the fact that so many came forward was heartening.  Then the best thing ever - one of my loveliest friends whose judgment I really trust messaged me to say she was using a Lunette.  What ensued was one of the funniest DM's between us that I've ever read but between the laughs about our "lady gardens" was lots of valuable advice from one Lunette user to Lunette newbie (which is making us sound like substance abusers but you get my drift).  It was amazing to have someone to bounce all my questions off who had been there before me.  All of this information is available online but it was great hearing it from a close friend.  It helped put my mind at ease.  If she could do it so could I.

The time finally arrived one quiet Saturday morning to give it a go.  I was in my bathroom, armed with the instruction pamphlet, Lunette waiting patiently on the vanity.  Miss 5 promptly bursts in and asks what the Lunette is and is it for plunging for the bathroom sink?  I told her yes it was a mini plunger and now out you go please while Mumma finishes getting ready.  With the coast was clear I set about the task at hand.  Everything started nicely until who should walk in on the final moments?  Miss 5 again to ask what I was doing.  Well I'm all for being honest with my girls but in that particular moment of experimentation and vulnerability I didn't feel like explaining anything so she was promptly ushered out.  She looked at me suspiciously sideways when I said I wasn't doing anything - the same way I look at her when she says "nothing" but is clearly up to no good but she left me alone after that.  But I suddenly realized I'd done it.  It was in!  I was ecstatic!  I honestly don't know what I was frightened of!

Ok, all joking aside, everything really did go fine.  The first time I tried the Lunette and went about my day I was very very mildly uncomfortable or maybe just slightly aware of it.  It was ever so slightly pushing on my bladder but this was purely down to not getting quite the right angle (or the haste at which it was inserted!).  Plus I needed to trim the end of the Lunette slightly.  When inserted correctly you won't feel a thing and it will give you a leak proof seal that provides up to 12 hours of protection.  I've continued alternating between the Lunette and organic tampons since then.  As with tampons it comes down to getting the right angle, knowing your body and practice makes perfect.  I also feel a little personal grooming is beneficial while you're still getting used to using it too.

The Lunette Menstrual Cup is made from 100% medical grade silicone which is FDA and TGA approved.  It is a zero-waste, zero-chemical solution to the classic tampon.  With correct care a Lunette will last a lifetime and pay for itself after approximately three months when compared to the cost of traditional sanitary items.Lunette is available in two sizes:  Model 1 is the smaller of the two models and is made of a softer silicone.  It is designed for spotting and very light to light bleeding.  And Model 2 is the larger and more commonly used of the two cup sizes and is designed for moderate, heavy and very heavy bleeding.  All of the fold, insertion, cleaning and care information is very straight forward and can be found on the Lunette website along with any and all questions answered.  Nothing is off limits!
Lunette is also suitable right from when you first start your periods as a teenager and is promoted along a wide variety of other products through the Sustainable Period Project whose goal is to educate young women on the sustainable menstrual options available to them.
No longer are your options simply a pad or tampon.  I was surprised at the massive selection of sustainable options out there which I had never even heard of.  One of my personal favourites is the ModiBodi Performance Underwear range which I use the day or two before or at the very end of my period.  They are so comfortable and give me confidence that I won't have any issues going about my day.
The Sustainable Period Project hope to have one of their Project Packs in every New Zealand High School by 2020.  It's a fabulous resource - and it won't be just the kids the find it interesting!  You watch those female teachers and staff hovering round trying to see whats what!  Visit the Sustainable Period Project to apply for your Project Pack for your school which includes a range of samples including the Lunette Menstrual Cup, videos and activities for classroom education.

If you have any questions at all about my Lunette experience then feel free to send your questions through.  I'm happy to help x

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