(That's me in the middle with both of my siblings wearing their pants pulled up WAY to high!)

The foundations of Little Housewife stem from the memories of my happy childhood and now that I am grown, the things that I love as a result of my upbringing.

Long hot summers that never seemed to end (and not getting sun burnt), falling in to a deep sleep after a busy day spent playing outside, running to the neighbours house to fetch lemons from their tree, writing to the fairies who lived at the bottom of the garden (and they wrote back - thanks Mum x), the smell of fresh lined dried washing, pyjamas warming by the pot belly stove in winter while we had a bath, making perfume from rose petals, decorating the Christmas tree, eating sweet juicy red plums on beach picnics, picking fresh strawberries every year on Christmas Eve, full baking tins, hopscotch on the front footpath...

There is nothing remarkable about any of it but in retrospect it made for a completely blissful childhood of happy memories and security which I now hope to pass on to my children.