Thank you so much for your interest in ordering Little Housewife Vinyl Labels.  To order simply email me with your delivery address, email address and choice of the following:
We offer the following standard sizes which tend to be the most requested.  Please advise any size restrictions.
Lunchbox Labels: One or two lines.  Measures maximum 14cm long by 6cm tall*.  $4 each.
Drink Bottle Labels: One or two lines.  Measures maximum 12cm long by 4 cm tall*.  $3 each.
Pantry Labels: One or two lines.  $2 each.
Otherwise we can custom cut to suit your project.  You can label almost everything - bike helmets, mason jars, wine glasses, teacher appreciation gifts, toy storage, snack boxes, potato and onion bins.  Contact me with your ideas.
Our vinyl labels are extremely durable and hard wearing, and applied correctly will go the distance (I've had some labels out last lunchboxes in perfect condition!)  To ensure label success, please take a moment to read the following important application advice:
  • Vinyl labels adhere exceptionally well to glass, smooth plastic and metal.  They do not like old, scratched or used plastics such as already used lunchboxes.  The best time to apply vinyl labels to plastic is when it is brand new.
  • Vinyl labels don't adhere well to textured plastics or overly curved surfaces.  Smooth and flat is best.
  • Vinyl labels like firm or hard surfaces.  They don't adhere well to plastics with a lot of flexibility or movement such as oil cloth or overly squeezy drink bottles.  The movement cracks the seal of the label and will cause it to delaminate.
  • We recommend hand washing only for our vinyl labels as the extreme temperatures in the dishwasher can melt your labels.  (That said, I have plenty of customers who put their labels through the top rack of their dishwasher with no problems but I personally don't recommend it).
  • Little Housewife Vinyl Labels are removable but not reusable.  Please ensure you have the positioning correct before you place your label.  We recommend leaving your labels for 24 hours after application before use for maximum adhesion.
  • Little fingers sometimes like to pick at labels and may delaminate once picked at.  I personally recommend using one of the bolder fonts for kids lunchboxes and drink bottles for extra durability.
  • Due to their high tack, Little Housewife Vinyl Labels are not suitable as wall decals, on painted surfaces, or for prolonged outdoor use.
  • * The final finished size of your labels is determined by the length of your text and the size of the font.  All the fonts shown on the font chart are the same point size but vary in finished size.  The finished label size will be determined by whichever is reached first, maximum length or maximum height.  It is up to the customer to ensure they order the correct size or convo with me for custom labels.
And finally a few T's and C's:
  • Little Housewife uses the best quality adhesive vinyl and takes no responsibility for delaminated labels.
  • Please allow 5 days from receipt of payment (although it's usually much sooner than this) for dispatch of your order.
  • All orders are sent by courier, nationwide for $5.  No exceptions.
If you wish to place an order or have any queries at all please email me at
All orders require:
- Delivery address
- Email address
- Label Font
- Label Colour
- Label Size, Text & Quantity
In case you mislay them, here are the application and care instructions for the Little Housewife Vinyl Labels:

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